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Quick Googling

Did you know OS X has an integrated global Google search feature? Just select some text and hit ⌘+⇧+L to jump to the Google search results in Safari.

Select a paragraph of text and click on “Summarize” under the services menu. You’re presented with the option to summarize sentences or paragraphs with a simple slider that reduces the length of the selected text by trimming unnecessary bits.

Downloading from YouTube

Downloading from YouTube This one is a gem. Ever wanted to download a YouTube video to watch later? No need to purchase third party applications or plugins, this feature comes built right into Safari. Start the video in Safari and hit ⌘+Opt-a to bring up the activity window. Then simply find the largest file (usually multiple MB) and double click it. It’s as easy as that! This trick usually results in an .flv video file. If you want an .mp4, try appending your YouTube url with &fmt=18 or &fmt=22 to get an HD mp4.

FTP With Finder

You don’t need a fancy shcmancy FTP application like Transmit or even a free app like Cyber Duck to access an FTP server. You just need to know one little Finder shortcut: ⌘+K (Menu: Go>Connect to Server) This will give you a window to type in the address of the server you want to access. Just precede the address with ftp:// and you’re good to go.

Kill Yank

Kill Yank Ok, you might have known about the screenshot shortcuts and the dictionary shortcut and are currently patting yourself on the back for being such an OS X whiz-kid. But did you know that you have access to an alternate clipboard? As far as we can tell, these super secret shortcuts are a carry-over from Linux. Wherever they’re from, they are extremely handy! 

Kill: Ctrl-K
Yank: Ctrl-Y

With text selected, Ctrl-K works as a secondary “cut” command by removing the highlighted text without replacing what is currently residing in your clipboard (cool!).
To bring the text back, hit Ctrl-Y. “Kill” has a special use beyond that of the “cut” command. If you place your cursor at a given point in a paragraph and hit Ctrl-K, all of the text from that point forward will be cut. This is a great way to quickly grab and move an entire paragraph of text. Ctrl-K only seems to work on editable text (like in TextEdit and Mail). For instance, you can’t “kill” text on a web page.

Widgets on your Desktop. Madness.

Once upon a time there was an application called Konfabulator. This little marvel introduced widgets to the OS X community.
It had a variety of features including the ability to view widgets right on your desktop without entering any sort of dashboard.
Fast forward a few years and we all have Dashboard pre-installed and therefore have no need for some obscure third party widget engine. Konfabulator is now Yahoo widgets and only resides on the most diehard of old school widget fan’s Macs.
However, with this change has come the loss of the ability to put widgets where you can actually see them: on your desktop. Enter “devmode.”

Try this: Type  

defaults write devmode YES

into terminal (type NO to reverse the command).

Now either relaunch your dock (killall Dock in Terminal) or log out and back in.
You now have the amazing ability to drag widgets onto your desktop.
Just start to drag a widget around within Dashboard and hit F4 (or whatever your dedicated Dashboard shortcut is) and you can release the widget right onto your desktop! Amazing right? Not so fast. Another great feature that the Konfabulator guys thought of was the ability to keep widgets behind all other applications so they would indeed seem to be a part of your desktop. However, devmode keeps your widgets as the frontmost application. This means that they are permanently in the way and really more of an annoyance than a handy feature.


If you’ve ever turned up your volume by a single click and thought “Hmm that was just a bit too much…”, you’re probably a crazy control freak. Fortunately for you though, the OS X programmers are also a little fanatical about their volume. Here’s a quick rundown of the hidden volume shortcuts:
  • Adjust Volume in Smaller Increments: Shift+Option+Volume Keys
  • Volume Adjustment Without the Clicking Sound: Shift+Volume Keys
  • Open Sound Preferences: Option+Volume Controls

Quick Math

Though few remember the feature exists, it was at least widely published by Apple when it was first implemented. However, there is similar functionality for basic mathematical calculations that will surprise even the most knowledgeable of self-proclaimed OS X gurus. First type the numbers you would like to perform the operation on, say 867*765. Now select the text and hit ⌘+Shift+8. Voila, the answer magically appears! C’mon admit it, you definitely didn’t know about that one.

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